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Total Athens Tour Taste & Bohemian

Total Athens Tour Taste & Bohemian

Get to see the real Athens on this full-day walking tour that shows off all the things Greece is famous for: from history to mythology, architecture to food! This tour is a combo of our top-selling Athens tours (Taste of Athens and Bohemian Tales of the City), sending you on one epic adventure!

You’ll meet your local guide at Kotzia Square, located in the heart of Athens. The square is surrounded by gorgeous neoclassical buildings built in the early 18th century, as well as some ancient ruins.

From there, we’ll lead you to the Central Market, where your guide will show you the places few tourists visit, and where you’ll discover a variety of delicious Greek specialties. From the simple koulouri (round bread with sesame seeds) and delicate local pastries, to the Greek staples of feta and olives, the Central Market is a feast for the senses. Listen to the vendors calling out the deals of the day and prep your cameras because you’ll want to snap a few shots of the colourful scenes.

Next up on this total tour of Athens, we’ll drop by a Greek deli that sells traditional produce and is a popular shopping spot for locals. You’ll get to sip some Tsipouro (a local alcoholic drink) and taste some unique delights from every corner of Greece, learning all about our culinary traditions and the Mediterranean diet.

We’ll then walk to Monastiraki Square, the heart of the city from ancient times and still a gathering place today. We’ll venture through the vintage and secondhand shops at the flea market and you’ll learn how to bargain like a Greek!

Here you’ll have a bit of free time to wander and explore on your own. You may want to shop for souvenirs or grab something to eat (although we doubt you’ll be hungry after all that food!). Our recommendation is to do as the Greeks do and order a coffee at one of the many cafés around the square and just sip as you watch the people passing by. Or, take the metro from Monastiraki station to Panepistimio, where we’ll meet for the second half of our tour — did you know the metro in Athens is like a museum itself, with numerous archaeological artefacts on display that were found while it was being constructed? Once at Panepistimio, we’ll gather together and take off on a detour down Athens’ back alleys and into the neighbourhoods you won’t find in guidebook pages!

Our next stop will be a secret garden in the centre of the city, a place only known to locals. You’ll stand with awe in front of unique monuments and hear the myths and tales that surround these legendary buildings. Learn about kings and queens, heroes and outlaws, as well as about the hidden Athens beneath your feet.

We’ll venture through small alleys and admire the city’s unique street art, which is considered some of the best in Europe, then watch local craftsmen and artists at work, and discover ancient treasures in a basement. If you have a sweet tooth, then our next stop will be your favourite, a quirky little sweet shop that’s perfect for picking up a tasty souvenir to take home with you!

Finally, no bohemian tour of Athens would be complete without a stroll through the once industrial neighbourhood of Gazi, a must-see for any visitor, known for its graffiti decorated alleys, hipster taverns and fashionable boutiques owned by emerging designers.

Here, you will see the old mingling with the new, along streets that connect (or divide) the past and the present. Think ancient tombs alonside factory chimneys, art centres and hidden courtyards. As we walk we’ll get a literal taste for Athenian life with a surprise stop for a tasty meze dish and a local tipple.

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