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 The gorge of
Samaria is the gem of the White Mountains; hidden in the south part of the
Chania district. It is considered the longest gorge in Europe, spanning 18
kilometers in length. The state park of Samaria was added to the World Network
of Biosphere Reserves (MAB: Man & Biosphere) by UNESCO in 1981, with the
aim to give prominence to and to protect the natural habitat.

The gorge of
Samaria is counted among the top destinations of the Chania district and a
journey to Chania can never be considered complete unless you visit the gorge.

 The gorge’s trail
starts at Ksyloskalo (Omalos plateau, 1.227 meters altitude) and after
following the river bed, it ends up at the littoral village of Agia Roumeli.
The trail of Samaria is the most visited trail in the whole of Greece, it is
excellently equipped with signals and signs which eliminate the danger of
getting lost. It is comfortable and very well cared for.

 It is not
considered a very difficult hike, proof of which being the hundreds of people
that cross it daily from the opening of the season in May till the closing in
October. It is a very pleasant hike, not a strenuous one, with many landscape
alternations and a versatile environment.

 The hike is not
suggested for people facing health problems, or suffering from conditions
affecting their lower extremities the elderly pregnant women.


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