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Mycenae & Naflion extraordinary experience (4-6 pax)

Mycenae & Naflion extraordinary experience (4-6 pax)
  • Walk through history and myth in the archaeological site of
    Mycenae, with its legendary Lion Gate and
    the Tomb of Agamemnon, a 3,500 years-old megalithic monument.

    Visit the charming seaside port of Nafplio, the first capital of
    modern Greece, with its soaring castle walls, old houses and picturesque narrow

    Admire some of Nafplio’s best artisans,
    including potters and weavers, work their
    crafts in the traditional fashion, explaining as they

    Have a traditional Greek lunch made of local specialties at one of Nafplio’s trendiest

    A truly original full day tour from Athens, unlike any
    of the usual day trips to Mycenae and Nafplio

    In a remarkably dramatic landscape, in the province of Argolis in northeast
    Peloponnese, the fabled Homeric city of Mycenae, a UNESCO World
    Heritage Site, and capital of one of the oldest civilizations in
    the world, stands covered in the dust of millennia.

    With this ancient Mycenae tour, you’ll walk under the famed Lion Gate to enter ruins that are part history, part
    myth. Mycenae was home to the cursed House of Atreus, its royal family
    sentenced by the gods to suffer -and suffer they did. It was here (spoiler
    alert!) that King Agamemnon, hero of the Trojan War,
    was killed by his wife Clytemnestra. The Tomb of Agamemnon, an
    amazing structure more than three thousand years old, is where famed
    archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann uncovered the magnificent Mask of Agamemnon,
    a funeral mask made of pure gold. also hosts The archaeological site of Mycenae
    also hosts the Mycenae museum, with marvellous
    exhibits from the several excavations in the area are on display. The whole site is moving, mysterious and incredibly old,
    even by Greek standards, and you’ll see it all and hear every story from your

    From Mycenae, you’ll head to the charming port of Nafplio, with its towering fortifications. This small
    seaside town was in fact the first capital of
    Greece. Its rich past and a great position on a wide bay has made it an
    important port for much of its history. You can see this in the medieval walls
    high on Palamidi Hill above town, and in the amazing fort that
    sits right in the middle of the harbour, but also in the 19th-century buildings that still make much of the
    town historic center.

    During our Nafplio tour, you’ll explore the town’s defences and visit a variety of craftspeople, including a potter and weaver, getting the chance to watch them work and
    see what their crafts still have in common with those of the ancient artisans
    of Mycenae whose work you’ll have seen earlier. Like with the ancient site
    of Mycenae tour, visiting Nafplio is also a time-travel of
    sorts: in many ways, the production methods of today’s artisans are closer to
    those practiced in the time of Agamemnon than to those in contemporary
    automated manufacturing plants. 

    Your visit to this historic town will also include and a confectionery where the traditional almond pastries
    are still made the way they were generations ago and a scrumptious lunch
    at one of Nafplio’s trendiest hidden taverns, a local favorite serving
    probably the best food in town.

    On the way back to Athens, you will also make a short stop at the Corinth
    Canal, to admire the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and
    the canal which separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland.

    When back in Athens from your full day tour to Nafplio & Mycenae, you
    will have a better understanding of the links that unite the ancient past with
    life and people in the South of Greece today.

  • Notes:

  • Ideal starting time 07:30 -08:30

  • Return time: 19:00-19:30

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