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Island Day Cruise

A day as a Pirate on an island with an impressive
landscape, relaxed nature and exotic waters.

Koufonisi or Lefki is situated in the Libyan Sea, at
the southeastern part of Crete, south of the prefecture of Lasithi and 10
nautical miles southeast of Makrys Gialos. It is the biggest in a cluster of
islets and skerries (Koufonisi, Makroulo, Stroggylo, Trachila, and Marmara) and
has a distinct history and natural beauty. The island is about 6 kilometers
long, 5.5 kilometers wide and has an area of 4,26 square kilometers.

Our pirate boat Evdokia departs from Makrys Gialos
port and heads south to Koufonisi island sailing in the turquoise blue waters
of the Libyan Sea. The ship will anchor off the coast, giving you the chance to
swim in the crystal clear waters.

On the ship’s open decks, your children will enjoy our
special animation program and will have the chance to experience a magical
pirate adventure by participating in various games.

As the ship approaches the island, you will have the
chance to see the lovely beaches, the caves and magical bays the seawater
formed in its soft rock formations.
Koufonisi has 36
stunning beaches, with fine white sand and emerald waters.

Our ship shall moor in a wind-protected beach and you
will disembark by boat.The island’s vegetation is low and bushy, with quite
rare species for Crete and even Greece.

If you feel like hiking, bear in mind that not all
areas are accessible and you need to wear snickers, a hat and sunscreen.


island is Wildlife Refuge included in the European initiative NATURA 2000, so
the following are strictly prohibited: any kind of littering, collection of
rocks, fossils, shells, ancient findings, plants, animal hunting, free camping,
fire and smoking around fauna, any activity that may threaten or damage the
ecosystem and archaeological sites.

disembarking  you may want to purchase bottled water, soft drinks, snacks,
coffee, sandwiches, beach items, etc. from the bar.

You may
use your credit card for purchases on board the ship.

There is
a free parking area at the port of Makrys Gialos.

A hat,
sunscreen, and comfortable shoes are essential under high temperatures,
especially during the summer months.


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