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Kos city tour

Kos city tour

Join our organized tour in Kos Town

Start point : Kos

Language : English

A walk dedicated to the remains of the city, their history and their anecdotes.  

* * * 

We start this guided excursion in the ancient part of Kos Town that has several excavation areas, to both the east and west.   

First to the East we find the Odeon, the old Roman theatre that was unearthed in 1929. Constructed in the 2nd and 3rd century by the Romans, it still boasts original seating from this time.  

Across from the Odeon is the western excavation site, including the Nymphaeum (Roman Baths) and Xysto (Gymnaseum), including ruins from the Hellenistic and Roman eras.  

Next we take a walk through the old town with our guide and visit the only street that was untouched by the earthquake in 1933. We then head to the main square of the town where we find a Mosque dating back to the days of the old Ottoman Empire.  

We also see the Italian built fruit and herb market where you can pick up anything from herbal teas to aromatic spices. A real bombardment of the senses. 

Our final journey is just around the corner where we visit the famous Platanos Tree or Plane Tree of Hippocrates. It is said that the great man once taught his students under that very tree over 2,500 years ago.   

Free time to wa:nder around town rounds off this half day in Kos.

Departing time: 08:30 – 09:00

Return time:  14:00 -15:00

Important notes: 

i) Pick up point & time will be sent to client’s mail direct the day
before the activity.

ii) Any changes to operation day of activity will be sent direct to
client’s mail at least 1 week before arrival in destination.

iii) Languages are provided services: English, French & German. Any
other languages are upon request. Pls inform requested language in remarks

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