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Hiking trip at cypress forest of Katharo Kritsa

Hiking trip at cypress forest of Katharo Kritsa

This excursion’s
meeting point is set at the village of Kritsa (district of Mirambello –
Lasithi) at 9:00 am.

Together we will
follow the ancient Minoan path that extends to the west of the village and
leads to the plateau of Katharo.

We will walk
through the cypress forest of Kritsa, which is the largest of its kind on the
island and is inhabited for many centuries, as shown by the numerous
archaeological remains that have been found in the area.
During the walk we will have the opportunity to get in touch with the rich
flora and fauna of the mountain, but also to enjoy the unique breathtaking view
of the Mirambello Gulf.

Our final
destination will be the plateau of Katharo which is continuously cultivated
from the Minoan years onwards. Here, amongst others, prehistoric fossils of
dwarf hippopotamus and elephant, deer and other animals have been found, during
paleontological research.

From this point
we will be led to t, a traditional little tavern, where we will enjoy local
recipes, with special culinary interest.

After the meal
we will return to the village Kritsa by the downhill road on bicycles.

The route is
considered easy and no prior experience is required. All the necessary
equipment will be provided by us.

This is the time
to enjoy an unforgettable experience!


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