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Elafonisi Island

Elafonisi Island

Situated on the south west coast, Elafonissi’s beaches are widely  known
to have the most captivating beauty. Its white and pink coral sands give off
such a tropical vibe that will definitely make you fall in love! 

Heading to the
right the water is shallow in a small enclosed lagoon which is ideal for the
children. Walking through the lagoon to the is also a great idea for exploring
this unique coastline.
The coral sands and warm shallow waters are perfect for swimming, spearfishing
and windsurfing too.

This lovely
Island is of vital historical significance; It is common knowledge that 650
women and children fled to the islet during the Turkish occupation of Crete in
1841. While the women and children were hiding, the Turks camped alongside the
opposing beach. Then, one of the soldiers’ horses happened to discover the
shallow path to the islet. Subsequently, the Turks found and slaughtered them
in a tragic massacre, hence the memorial plaque on the highest point of the


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