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Delos tour

Delos tour

Visit one of the most
important archaeological sites of Greece:


Only a 45 minutes boat ride
away from Mykonos Delos was the centre of the Cyclades of the ancient world,
the island of light, birthplace of Apollon and Artemis, home to the first
multicultural civilization and trade.

There is a lot to see: having been inhabited between 2500 and 69 b.C.
Delos boasts of many treasures remaining from these times like the ancient
market place Agora, the famous terrace of the Naxos lions, the holy lake, the
ancients living quarters and theatre that give you a lively vision of the daily
life then; especially the houses of Dionysos, Kleopatra, the Trident, the
Masks, the Dolphins with their mosaics are a fantastic experience of art not to
be missed.

Furthermore, there are
the Temple of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, the Roman water system and
cisterns and the wonderful museum with plenty of breathtaking mosaics, statues
and many more objects found during the excavations.

On our guided tour you depart
at 10pm from the old pier in Mykonos Town and you return at 2.30 pm. If you
wish to remain a little bit longer you can also take the last boat back at 3 pm
in order to have some time at leisure or maybe climb on Mount Kynthos to enjoy
the view over all the surrounding Cycladic islands.

Meeting point: 09:30 at Delos Pier

Operation Months: May – October

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