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Our trip starts in
the lovely city of Ierapetra, on the southern coast of the island. There, we
will board on the boat that takes us to the isolated island of Chrissi. On the
way, we might encounter yellow-legged gulls flying above us and playful
dolphins playing in the deep blue sea. After a while, we will have arrived on
the “Island”, as the locals call it.

From the moment
you come to Chrissi Island, you get mesmerized by the tropical landscape, the
very old cedar trees, the golden sand and the turquoise waters. The exotic
images and the rhythms of nature will give you a newly discovered sense of

Chrissi lies on
the most southern end of Crete, a secluded island that is visited by thousands
of people every summer. Its unique ecosystem is under the protection of Natura
2000 Networking Programme, as it has been designated as an “area of intense
natural beauty”.

 This tiny
island offers everything a beach lover could ask for; Stunningly covered with a
lot of cedar trees, endless beaches, shallow crystal blue waters, fine pinkish
sand and thousands of shell fossils. It is the best place to find your inner
castaway and escape from modern life! The small church of Agios Nicolaos, the
ancient salt marsh and the Roman carved tombs are ideal for those who like to
explore too.
So, if you wish to take a stroll in the woods, enjoy a refreshing swim in
crystal clear tropical-like waters and relax in an earthly heaven for the whole
day, come to Chrissi Island with us!



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